trunk or treat

Imagine a safe place for your kids to...
  • To play games
  • Get TONS of candy
  • Eat food
  • Listen to music
  • Party like its 2019!

Trunk or Treat is a CamNaz favorite tradition.   It's our joy to create this space for you and your kids for free!

This year's info

Click here for info on this year's event.


We need four things to make this event a success...
  1. Prayer.  We start nothing without prayer and we do nothing without prayer.  Your prayer is a vital part of the success of this event.  Pray for a safe event, a fun event, and that people will experience God's love in action!
  2. Candy.  We need thousands of pieces of candy.  We need people to buy a few bags of individually wrapped candy and drop them off in the church lobby.
  3. Trunk.  We need people to host a trunk for 90 minutes at our event on Halloween night.  This involves decorating your trunk and planning an activity like a bottle toss or fish-for-candy.  You will help kids play your activity and then reward them with a piece of candy.  We will email you a list of ideas and rules to help you plan your trunk once your volunteer.
  4. Chili.  Parents love to eat hot chili while their kids are playing games.  We need 5-10 chilis to make our kids' parents feel welcome.  And, yes, this is a chili competition.  Bragging rights are on the line!  Sign your chili up here!